Cogent Consulting offers a variety of services to support development of technology, software, workforce, and research.

Transportation Research

Transportation is a core component of a successful society, and at Cogent Consulting we understand the importance of research to build an efficient, sustainable, and equitable transportation system. We utilize our deep understanding of transportation operations and planning, as well as our extensive experience in technology and big data analysis to uncover new insights related to improved mobility and safety.

Cogent Consulting provides expertise in research areas including but not limited to:

  • Transportation data collection, storage, management, analysis, and visualization
  • Performance measurement and management
  • Transportation data sharing for operations and planning
  • Connected and autonomous vehicle implementation

Software Engineering and Big Data Analysis


Workforce Management

We believe that people are the key to a successful business and the most valuable business asset. Engaged, empowered, and passionate workforce creates a productive environment that generates positive results. Whether you are looking to grow your workforce and business, implement a new process, or motivate your current employees to perform at a high level, we can help.

Cogent Consulting provides a variety consulting services ranging from workforce evaluation and hiring process improvements, to employee retention and professional development.

Project Management